We can of course not run an Italian film blog without making clear what are favorite Italian movies are. To a large extent we agree with our mother site Europeanmovies.org. In their Italian movies section they have got the following top 5 of best Italian films.

1. Cinema Paradiso

2. 8 1/2

3. Le Meglio Gioventu

4. Il Buono, Il bruto, Il cattivo

5. La vita e Bella

Perhaps not a very surprising list, but it are the absolute classics. We probably would not have kept Cinema Paradiso on one, but we can understand the choice. For their complete list have a look at the Best Italian Movies top 10.




Matteo Garrone newest film after the instant Italian success Gomorrah. I was very impressed by this excellent film in 2008, and cannot wait to see Garrone’s new one. It is currently in post-production but is scheduled to be released in 2012. It revolves around a family obsessed with reality tv. They await their father being picked for a spot on the Italian Big Brother show.

matteo garrone New and upcoming Italian film releases of 2012

For those who need to be reminded of gomorrah, here is the trailer:

The trailer of the upcoming film ‘Big House’ is not yet available.

We provide it all. As the official blog of the Italian Movies section of Europeanmovies.org, we want to keep you up to date on all the very best of the Cinema of Italy. We shall not only be looking at upcoming films. We will also always remember the past. And Italy has a film history to be proud of. It is currently still the country in the world with the highest amount of best Foreign Language film Oscars. We will bring you all the classics that you must see. Moreover, we shall pay attention to television, shortfilms, documentaries and what not.

Io e Te Me and You 1024x681 New and upcoming Italian film releases of 2012